f.eks. is a roaming exhibition platform for contemporary art that seeks to generate critical and speculative dialogues between audiences, artists, and broader publics.  f.eks. produces temporary art events that are located in and around the urban spaces of Aalborg and the Northern Jutland region – activating architecture, infrastructure, ecological sites, and public spaces through a series of live art engagements. These include performances, talks, workshops, readings, pop-ups, social installations, screenings, and many other forms of interactive and ephemeral art making.

f.eks. is an award-winning, non-profit organization supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Den Jyske Kunstfond, Augustinus Fonden, Det Obelske Familiefond, Ny Carlsbergfondet, Region Nordjyllands Kulturpulje, 15. Juni Fonden, Aalborg Kommune Kulturpulje, UMMK, Himmerland Boligforening, and Aalborg Kommunes Kunstfond as part of an ongoing artist-initiated program.

14.12.2023 - 
“S for Sound, S for Solidarity”
Yazan Khalili (PS/NL)

S for Sound, S for Solidarity is a radio communications project initiated by Yazan Khalili and f.eks.

With this collaboration, Yazan Khalili and f.eks. have co-developed a nomadic radio project in Aalborg to rethink the autonomy of art and culture from the point of view of infrastructure. The project will utilize radio programming to highlight artistic, socio-political, and cultural conversations in relation to localized power dynamics and broader geo-political contexts. By drawing attention to underserved cultural and political voices attempting to common locally, the project gives voice to resistance and facilitates critical discourse across milieus. Along with practitioners across publics in Aalborg, f.eks. will carry this out through producing pop-up broadcasts, sounds, and other radio programming over the course of 2024. 

S for Sound, S for Solidarity asks, “how can we build autonomous infrastructures for art” and “what are the mediums and tools for these infrastructures? After reflecting on the need for improved communication for critical artistic, political, and social practices, Khalili and f.eks. are launching this collaborative artistic project toward addressing these needs. The project draws on f.eks.’s local organizational platform, combined with Khalili’s broad communal and artistic practice and knowledge, particularly across other radio platforms such as Radio Alhara. In doing so, the project seeks to rethink and reframe artistic practice in the hopes of producing new socio-cultural solidarities, awarenesses, and connections, while creating infrastructure for cultural and political activism and organization across scales and contexts.

Feburary, 2024 (TBA): 
Radio episode no. 1 between Yazan Khalili and Scott William Raby
Location (TBA) 
Yazan Khalili is an artist, architect, and a cultural producer. Currently he is a PhD candidate at ASCA, The University of Amsterdam (UvA) as part of the Imaginart group. His practice frames landscapes, institutions, and social and technological phenomena as politicized entities. He is the co-founder of Radio Alhara in 2020, and The Question of Funding collectives in 2019. His work has been exhibited widely across different venues, such as Documenta Fifteen, Kassel (DE) 2022, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (DE) 2020, MOCA Toronto (CA) 2020, Kunstforeningen GL STRAND, Copenhagen (DK) 2019, and MoMA, New York (US), 2018.

21.10.2023 - 21.07.2024 
“Bodies of Waves”
Razan Sabbagh (SY/DE)

Bodies of Waves is a new site-specific sound project along Aalborg’s waterfront by Razan Sabbagh.

Bodies of Waves uses sound as an artistic tool to delve into the complex interplay between language devices in mass media and the profound issues of migration, colonialism, and climate change.  Bodies of Waves appropriates, collages, and examines audio from media outlet’s use of water as a linguistic metaphor to frame refugees and migrants. Terms such as “flood” and “wave” not only evoke images of overwhelming natural forces, but also subtly perpetuate colonial attitudes, reducing individuals to faceless masses and perpetuating notions of “otherness”.  Subsequently, as the project narrative unfolds, Bodies of Waves also confronts a modern form of colonialism: climate change.

By linking these linguistic descriptors of water to the physical spaces of Aalborg’s waterfront areas that face climate crises, new localized spatial, social, and phenomenological linkages become present. The industrial aspirations of the developed world have created a global crisis, with rising sea levels and water scarcity potentially becoming major drivers of future migration. The questions remain: how will Western media continue to frame and address the impending waves of climate refugees? How can we understand waterfront cities (like Aalborg) and their implication within these global crises? By activating a sound installation and performative walk in Aalborg unfolding water media metaphors in relation to endangered seaside spaces in the city, Bodies of Waves seeks to evoke dialogues, connections, and discussion in relation to these interrelated and unresolved socio-ecological questions.

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A special thanks to Khaled Barakeh, Nikolaj Skjold, Thomas Birket-Smith, and Huset i Hasserisgade.
Saturday, October 21st:
Performative Sound Walk and Group Conversation
from 2:00 - 5:30 pm
Starting point: Aalborg’s Waterfront (near Musikkens Hus), Musikkens Pl. 1, 9000 Aalborg
Ending point: Huset i Hasserisgade, Hasserisgade 10, 9000 Aalborg

Note: the primary language of the event will be in English. Please be kind to bring headphones, your smart phone, and download the Arloopa App to access the sound walk. The event is free of admission and we will serve drinks and snacks.
Razan Sabbagh's work explores identity, socio-political issues, and questions oppressive power structures, such as investigating the political infrastructure of prisons. Sabbagh often collects oral narratives and stories or takes existing texts, interviews, and testimonies as a starting point for her work. Her minimal installations, videos, and performances often explore the relationship between art, activism, aesthetics, and power. She has participated in numerous global exhibitions, including at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Kampnagel, and Thalia Theater, Hamburg (DE), the Sharjah Art Museum (AE), the Goethe Institute, Paris (FR), and Casino Display in Luxembourg (LU).

14.04.2023 - 16.04.2023
“Workers’ Retreat”
Social Sensibility R & D Department (CN/FR/IT)

Workers’ Retreat is a series of public artistic engagements in Aalborg by the Social Sensibility R & D Department (a.k.a. Social Sensibility).

The project utilizes and subverts the idea of the “workers’ retreat” typically used to boost productivity as a framing device for Social Sensibility to propose and collectively re-imagine future possibilities for socially engaged artistic practices. By activating Aalborg’s unique post-industrial context as a former 19th century manufacturing hub, the local history will facilitate an international, multi-linguistic group of artists and workers from Social Sensibility to come together through different events and reflect on their interrelated positions along with Danish audiences. Through creating different informal transcultural storytelling, leisure, educational moments, and communal interactions across the city, Social Sensibility will (in)directly activate different cultural and economic conversations on art and work - from the often missing perspective of artists and workers themselves.

Bernard Controls (Karaoke Propaganda)

SSR&D (actions/interventions 2010-2017)

The project is kindly supported by S.C. Van Fonden and Bernard Controls. Special thanks to Kunsthal Spritten and Huset i Hasserisgade.
Friday, April 14th:
Working Histories Tour with Artists and Workers* 
from 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Starting point: Kunsthal Spritten, C. A. Olesens Gade 1, 9000 Aalborg
Ending Point: Fjordbyen, 9000 Aalborg
*Note limited space - please RSVP. Primary language will be in English with some French and Danish.

Saturday, April 15th:
Work / Live 干活 from Beijing to Aalborg*
from 4 - 6 pm
Husets Café, Huset i Hasserisgade, Hasserisgade 10, 9000 Aalborg

4:00 pm Introduction
4:15 pm Artist Presentation by Social Sensibility R & D Department, Blandine De La Taille (FR), Alessandro Rolandi (IT), Tianji Zhao (CN), and worker participants Antoine Agudze (TG), Gilbert William Honoray (IN/FR), and others.
5:15 pm Public Discussion - Moderated by Scott William Raby
*Free of admission - everyone is welcome. The primary language is English (along with French, Mandarin, Italian, and Danish). Free snacks and drinks.

Sunday, April 16th:
Informal Leisure Interactions Across Aalborg

(by appointment only - please contact f.eks.contact@gmail.com)
The Social Sensibility R & D Department began in Beijing in 2010 with an encounter between artist Alessandro Rolandi and Guillaume Bernard (CEO of Bernard Controls Group) and was later joined by artists Tianji Zhao and Blandine de La Taille (in Paris). Social Sensibility is an internal function of Bernard Controls - not an external consultancy - and thus has a unique economic model and ongoing staying presence within the company. Social Sensibility aims to develop artist-run departments within institutions in which the artist becomes a constant creative presence within working life - to act using relationships as a material and artistic practice as a tool to impact their surroundings. Social Sensibility’s research & practice have been developed at factories in Beijing/Daxing, Paris/Gonesse, and recently Milan/Rho. They aim to promote their methodology to other institutions and entities as well as produce artworks, artworks made by artists in collaboration with employees, and artworks made by employees accompanied by the artists who run the department.