f.eks. is a roaming exhibition platform for contemporary art that seeks to generate critical and speculative dialogues between audiences, artists, and broader publics.  f.eks. produces temporary art events that are located in and around the urban spaces of Aalborg and the Northern Jutland region – activating architecture, infrastructure, ecological sites, and public spaces through a series of live art engagements. These include performances, talks, workshops, readings, pop-ups, social installations, screenings, and many other forms of interactive and ephemeral art making.

f.eks. is an award-winning, non-profit organization supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Den Jyske Kunstfond, Det Obelske Familiefond, Ny Carlsbergfondet, Region Nordjyllands Kulturpulje, 15. Juni Fonden, Aalborg Kommune Kulturpulje, UMMK, Himmerland Boligforening, and Aalborg Kommunes Kunstfond as part of an ongoing artist-initiated program.

14.04.2023 - 16.04.2023
“Workers’ Retreat”
Social Sensibility R & D Department (CN/FR/IT)

Workers’ Retreat is a series of public artistic engagements in Aalborg by the Social Sensibility R & D Department (a.k.a. Social Sensibility).

The project utilizes and subverts the idea of the “workers’ retreat” typically used to boost productivity as a framing device for Social Sensibility to propose and collectively re-imagine future possibilities for socially engaged artistic practices. By activating Aalborg’s unique post-industrial context as a former 19th century manufacturing hub, the local history will facilitate an international, multi-linguistic group of artists and workers from Social Sensibility to come together through different events and reflect on their interrelated positions along with Danish audiences. Through creating different informal transcultural storytelling, leisure, educational moments, and communal interactions across the city, Social Sensibility will (in)directly activate different cultural and economic conversations on art and work - from the often missing perspective of artists and workers themselves.

Bernard Controls (Karaoke Propaganda)

SSR&D (actions/interventions 2010-2017)

The project is kindly supported by S.C. Van Fonden and Bernard Controls. Special thanks to Kunsthal Spritten and Huset i Hasserisgade.
Friday, April 14th:
Working Histories Tour with Artists and Workers* 
from 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Starting point: Kunsthal Spritten, C. A. Olesens Gade 1, 9000 Aalborg
Ending Point: Fjordbyen, 9000 Aalborg
*Note limited space - please RSVP. Primary language will be in English with some French and Danish.

Saturday, April 15th:

Work / Live 干活 from Beijing to Aalborg*
from 4 - 6 pm
Husets Café, Huset i Hasserisgade, Hasserisgade 10, 9000 Aalborg

4:00 pm Introduction
4:15 pm Artist Presentation by Social Sensibility R & D Department, Blandine De La Taille (FR), Alessandro Rolandi (IT), Tianji Zhao (CN), and worker participants Antoine Agudze (TG), Gilbert William Honoray (IN/FR), and others.
5:15 pm Public Discussion - Moderated by Scott William Raby
*Free of admission - everyone is welcome. The primary language is English (along with French, Mandarin, Italian, and Danish). Free snacks and drinks.

Sunday, April 16th:
Informal Leisure Interactions Across Aalborg

(by appointment only - please contact f.eks.contact@gmail.com)
The Social Sensibility R & D Department began in Beijing in 2010 with an encounter between artist Alessandro Rolandi and Guillaume Bernard (CEO of Bernard Controls Group) and was later joined by artists Tianji Zhao and Blandine de La Taille (in Paris). Social Sensibility is an internal function of Bernard Controls - not an external consultancy - and thus has a unique economic model and ongoing staying presence within the company. Social Sensibility aims to develop artist-run departments within institutions in which the artist becomes a constant creative presence within working life - to act using relationships as a material and artistic practice as a tool to impact their surroundings. Social Sensibility’s research & practice have been developed at factories in Beijing/Daxing, Paris/Gonesse, and recently Milan/Rho. They aim to promote their methodology to other institutions and entities as well as produce artworks, artworks made by artists in collaboration with employees, and artworks made by employees accompanied by the artists who run the department.

“Sangutitsinerit / Reroutings / Omdirigeringer”
Sirí Paulsen, Aqqalu Berthelsen / Uyarakq, Julie Edel Hardenberg, New Red Order / Adam Khalil & Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld

Sangutitsinerit / Reroutings / Omdirigeringer is a collaborative artistic workshop, community dinner, film screening, performance, and DJ program featuring Sirí Paulsen, Uyarakq /Aqqalu Berthelsen, Julie Edel Hardenberg, New Red Order/ Adam Khalil, and Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld. 

Reroutings is an invitation to conjure a gathering that explores the material traces of Danish colonialism in Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland) in the urban environment of Aalborg. Reroutings mimics the actual rerouting of the Port of Greenland in Aalborg (which will close in 2022 and redirect to Aarhus) to ask the question: how do artists create reroutings and interventions to confront colonial structures? Through a workshop that takes place in the "Greenlandic Quarter", Reroutings will explore alternative (hi)stories of people and places not honored in the public space. Afterwards, there will be a community dinner followed by a conversation with the artists, film screenings, performance, and a DJ set.

The project is co-organized by Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld, f.eks. and Arctic Street Food in collaboration with Lim Collective and Aalborg Artist’s Association as part of The Department of CCCC, and it is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation, Arctic Streetfood, The Greenlandic House, Lim Collective, Aalborg Artist’s Association, and Huset i Hasserisgade.
Friday, November 11th:
Workshop, Community Dinner, Film screening, Performance, and DJ*
from 3 - 11 pm
Starting point: Hans Egede Church, Grønlands Torv 6, 9210 Aalborg
Ending point: Huset i Hasserisgade, Hasserisgade 10, 9000 Aalborg
2:30 pm Shuttle Service** from The Greenlandic House to Hans Egede Church

3:00 pm Workshop in the “Greenlandic Quarter” by Sirí Paulsen & Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld - Meeting point: Hans Egede Church

6:00 pm Community Dinner with Arctic Street Food and Huset’s Cafe - Location: Huset i Hasserisgade (The Department of CCCC)

7:00 pm Public Artist’s Conversation

8:00 pm Film Screening & Performance with Aqqalu Berthelsen / Uyarakq, Julie Edel Hardenberg, New Red Order / Adam Khalil, and Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld

9:00 pm Music / DJ with Aqqalu Berthelsen / Uyarakq

*All events in the program are free of admission and everyone is welcome, registration is not required (event language will be in Greenlandic, Danish, and English)
**Shuttle Service is provided for those who need it - seating is limited - please reserve at f.eks.contact@gmail.com

Sirí Paulsen creates audio walks and theater plays as a hybrid practice between research and creative writing. Her work is motivated by finding different points of view to histories that are poorly nuanced. Whether working on her own projects or other’s, the motto is “there is always a narrative and no analysis of facts is objective”. She was born and raised in Nuuk (GL), Tromsø (NO), and Ålsgårde (DK) in a mixed Inuit and Danish family.

Aqqalu Berthelsen, also known as Uyarakq, was born in Nuuk (GL) in the mid 80s. He is a self-taught music producer / composer and DJ with a background in metal music. Growing up in Uummannaq, Northern Greenland and Nuuk, the capital has played a large role in shaping him to be a versatile musician between two worlds. He is currently doing a lot of work in the Indigenous circumpolar hip hop and rap scene with a foot in two continents, the North American arctic and the European arctic. He is now living in Inari, Northern Finland / Sápmi.

Julie Edel Hardenberg was born and raised in Nuuk, Kalaallit Nunaat / Greenland (GL). She studied art in Finland, Norway, and England before gaining her MA in Art Theory and Communication from the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She lives and works in Nuuk and has recently acquired the Novo Nordisk Foundation PhD scholarship. For the past 25 years, she has worked with identity and (post)colonial perspectives as an overall theme. With roots in Nordic and Inuit cultures, she has an insight into different Inuit-Kalaallit / Greenlander's identities and self-understanding. Nonetheless, the economic and social interdependencies between the two countries and their impact on the Greenlanders; caught in a shared identity between power and powerlessness.

Adam Khalil (Ojibway) is a filmmaker and artist from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, whose practice attempts to subvert traditional forms of image-making through the use of humor, relation, and transgression. He is a core contributor to New Red Order and co-founder of COUSINS Collective. His work has been exhibited at Museum of Modern Art, Walker Arts Center, Lincoln Center, Tate Modern, HKW,  and Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit  among others with recent exhibitions at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen and Spike Island in Bristol. He is the recipient of various fellowships and grants, including Creative Capital Award in 2021.

New Red Order is a public secret society facilitated by core contributors Adam Khalil (Ojibway), Zack Khalil (Ojibway), and Jackson Polys (Tlingit). In our current period of existential and environmental catastrophe, desires for Indigenous epistemologies increase and enterprising settlers labor to extract this understanding as if it were a natural resource. New Red Order emerges out of the contradistinction from the Improved Order of Red Men  - a secret society that 'plays Indian' calls the attraction toward indigeneity into question, yet promotes this desire, and enjoins potential non-Indigenous accomplices to participate in the co-examination and expansion of Indigenous agency. Working with an interdisciplinary network of informants, NRO co-produces video, performance, and installation works that confront settler colonial tendencies and obstacles to Indigenous growth.

Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld, PhD, is a visual artist, independent researcher and educator born in Aalborg (DK). Her work explores “reparative critical practices” as collaborative, audio-visual practices that explore the debris of broken histories. Current artistic work and research traverse the entangled colonial archives between the United States Virgin Islands, Ghana, Greenland, India, and Denmark, often presented in video installations, performative presentations and publications. She was the head of the Institute for Art, Writing and Research at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts,  where she also was a postdoctoral researcher. She is the co-founder of the bar and cultural venue Sorte Firkant in Copenhagen.

27.08.2022 - 29.08.2022
“Going Public”
Clémentine Vaultier (FR), Rodrigo Ghattas-Pérez (NO/PE/PL), Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld (DK), Barly Tshibanda (DRC), and Nanna Katrine Hansen (DK), c4 projects (DK)

Going Public is the first iteration in a long-term exhibition series where the exhibition space c4 projects invites colleagues from other artist-run platforms and curatorial initiatives to create new experimental collaborative exhibition moments together within the framework of c4 projects. The aim is to create generative new moments of co-production allowing for greater reflection and exchange for the artists involved. 

Starting in late August, f.eks. will utilize the site of c4 projects in Copenhagen to highlight different approaches to art in public space. By reframing the exhibition space as a “meeting point” or “useful infrastructure”, f.eks. invites artists to engage with the surrounding urban context and broader cityscape of Copenhagen.

Through a multi-day pop-up program, the artists Clémentine Vaultier, Rodrigo Ghattas-Pérez, Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Barly Tshibanda, and Nanna Katrine Hansen will activate surrounding spaces and contexts, with different public, relational, and collaborative practices across various locations and settings. This will take shape as walks, talks, discussions, and site visits across Copenhagen. In doing so, Going Public highlights some of the unique artistic methodologies for public practice f.eks. has been prototyping with artists more broadly and in a different frame, but with the same attention to critical and experimental approaches.

The exhibition is kindly supported by The Danish Arts Council, Ny Carlsbergfondet, Beckett-Fonden, Augustinus Fonden, and Copenhagen Municipality. The graphic design is made in collaboration with artist Kamilla Mez.
Saturday, August 27th:
Summiting the Oven with Clémentine Vaultier from 5 - 8 pm
Meeting point: Copenhill, Vindmøllevej 6, 2300 København S
Ending point: c4 projects, Dybbølsgade 60, 1721 København V

Sunday, August 28th:
A.S.S. (Activist Support System) for Restivists and Artists with Rodrigo Ghattas-Pérez from 2 - 5 pm

Meeting Point: Arbejdermuseet (Workers Museum), Rømersgade 22, 1362 København K
Ending Point: Kastrup Søbad, Amager Strandvej 301, 2770 Kastrup

Monday, August 29th:
Voices in the Shadows of Monuments (Guided audio tour) with Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Barly Tshibanda, and Nanna Katrine Hansen from 5 - 8 pm
Meeting Point: Christianhavns Torv, 1410 København K
Ending Point: Kongens Nytorv, 1050 København K
Language: English with Danish, Greenlandic, Portuguese, Sanskrit, and more. Please bring mini jack headphones for the best listening experience
*The language of the events will be in English, unless otherwise noted. Events will be free of admission and drinks and snacks will be provided. Please dress accordingly for each event. No sign up is necessary.
Clémentine Vaultier (FR) is a French artist based in Brussels. Her current work is focusing on containers of warmth and heat as part of an expanded ceramic practice. Along with Maximiliaan Royakkers and Ciel Grommen, she is developing the collaborative project Atlas of Ovens, mapping  different types of ovens as relational infrastructures. This allows for a broader focus on the cultural and historical connections to architecture, conviviality, community, and the social aspects that arise when gathering around fire. She is currently an artistic researcher within the Brussels-based artist collective Jubilee and is an artist in residence at f.eks. AIR in Aalborg, among others.

Rodrigo Ghattas-Pérez (NO/PE/PL) is an artist, organizer, activist and restivist based in Oslo, Norway. In his artistic work he deals with the conundrums between cooperation, economy, law, and democracy. This is manifested through self-organizational practices as well as dialogical exchanges, educational practice, artist publications, and other forms of performative exchange. At present, he is co-organizer of the projects / platforms Verdensrommet and The Union (Norway), and is currently developing a program for international artistic exchange for public housing in Peru as well as A.S.S. (Activist Support System).

Barly Tshibanda (DRC), Nanna Katrine Hansen (DK), and Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld (DK) are all artists based in Copenhagen. They collectively created the project Voices in the Shadows of Monuments - an audio walk that examines material traces from the colonial era embedded in the buildings and monuments within inner Copenhagen, from the time when the Port of Copenhagen was the center of Danish colonial trade. The project features artists Jupiter J. Child, La Vaughn Belle, Sabitha Söderholm, Oceana James, Arash Pandi, Julie Edel Hardenberg, and Bernard Akoi-Jackson whose collective narrative intertwines different geographies and times: past and present interweave and testify to how colonialism is not a closed chapter, but still has strong reverberations in the present.