f.eks. is a roaming exhibition platform for contemporary art that seeks to generate critical and speculative dialogues between audiences, artists, and broader publics.  f.eks. produces temporary art events that are located in and around the urban spaces of Aalborg and the Northern Jutland region – activating architecture, infrastructure, ecological sites, and public spaces through a series of live art engagements. These include performances, talks, workshops, readings, pop-ups, social installations, screenings, and many other forms of interactive and ephemeral art making.

f.eks. is an award-winning, non-profit organization supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Den Jyske Kunstfond, Det Obelske Familiefond, Ny Carlsbergfondet, Region Nordjyllands Kulturpulje, 15. Juni Fonden, Aalborg Kommune Kulturpulje, UMMK, Himmerland Boligforening, and Aalborg Kommunes Kunstfond as part of an ongoing artist-initiated program.

“Autonomy in Constructed Space”
Vibe Overgaard (DK)

Autonomy in Constructed Space is a film that highlights the artist’s extensive investigation into Aalborg’s industrial history and urban development. It utilizes the city’s 20th century modernization process as a point of departure to unfold discussions about capitalist production, ideology, and growth. Using “the concrete city” as a framing device - the visually poetic film collates Overgaard’s own imagery of the cityscape with rare archival footage of Aalborg’s “constructed spaces”. Accompanied by dynamic animated text, a rich soundtrack, and interviews from historians and philosophers, a new visual and dialogical narrative about Scandinavian capitalism begins to emerge.

The film itself exposes philosophical considerations on action, privilege, and power - particularly in a society dominated by growth paradigms. Why do individuals and broader society allow development to be driven by conflicting capitalist values with destructive consequences – even when they contradict human rights, sustainability, and democracy?

The film is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.
Saturday, December 4th:
Film Screening and Public Discussion* from 7 - 10 pm
Kunsthal Nord, Kjellerups Torv 5, 9000 Aalborg

7:00 pm Drinks and Introduction
7:45 pm Film Screening
8:30 pm Public Discussion with Vibe Overgaard (moderated by Scott William Raby)
10:00 pm Doors Close

*Note that the language of the film is Danish (with English Subtitles) the talk will be conducted in English. Remember to bring your Covid pass or a negative test.
Vibe Overgaard (DK) is a visual artist who activates research-based practice toward critical reflections on broader socio-economic and political issues. Through installation, performance, video, and critical writing she utilizes historical perspectives and archival practices toward site and context specific investigations. Themes include examining the crises and contradictions under capitalism, understanding societal power structures, and exploring related existential philosophical questions. She is currently in residency at The International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York City (US) and has an upcoming public art project with Museum Midtjylland in Herning (DK). She has previously shown at Den Frie, Copenhagen (DK), Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn (NL), Floating Projects Art Space, Hong Kong, and has realized public commissions with Odenplan Metro Station in Stockholm (SE), a.o. She graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2017.

“Becoming Plant”
Grace Ndiritu (UK/KE)

Becoming Plant is a film project initiated by artist Grace Ndiritu.

The film follows six dancers who participate in a therapeutic group experiment with psychedelics, as they temporarily “live” together on the demilitarized industrial site of Asiat in Belgium. While they are subjected to the former nuclear plant’s consciousness and to each other’s presence, they perform a choreography, aligning their naked bodies with each other and with the architectural ruins of the site.

The film serves as a catalyst to discuss wider social and relational issues encompassing the intersections between science, spirituality, psychiatry, healing, healthcare, and the problems of collective depression and trauma resulting from living in the age of Late Capitalism. Becoming Plant also features a specially composed soundtrack by American techno pioneer DJ Jeff Mills.

The film is commissioned by f.eks. along with Kunsthal Rønnebæksholm, Horst Arts & Music, Belgium, and Screen City Biennal, Oslo, Norway.
Saturday, September 4th:
Becoming Plant - Film Screening and Talk* from 8 - 11 pm
Kunsthal Nord, Kjellerups Torv 5, 9000 Aalborg

8:00 pm Drinks and Introduction
8:45 pm Film Screening (50 min.)
10:00 pm Discussion with Grace Ndiritu (moderated by Scott William Raby) (Online)
11:00 pm Doors Close

*Note that the language of the film is English (with English Subtitles) the talk will likewise be conducted in English. Remember to bring your Covid pass or a negative test.
Grace Ndiritu is a British-Kenyan artist whose artworks are concerned with the transformation of our contemporary world, including the impact of globalization and environmental justice. This can be seen through her films, photography, paintings and social practice projects with refugees, migrants, and indigenous groups.  Her work includes The Ark: Center for Interdisciplinary Experimentation, COVERSLUT©, and the economic and performantive art series, Healing The Museum. Recently, her debut short film Black Beauty has in 2021 been selected for film festivals including 71st Berlinale in Berlin for the Forum Expanded section and FIDMarseille. She has been featured in TIME magazine, Phaidon’s The 21st Century Art Book, Art Monthly, and Elephant magazine. Her work is in museum collections such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), The British Council, and The Modern Art Museum (Warsaw). Her writing has been published in her critical theory book  Dissent Without Modification at Bergen Kunsthall, and with The Whitechapel Gallery in the Documents of Contemporary Art anthology series Animal Shelter Journal, Semiotext(e), MIT Press, Metropolis M, and Oxford University Press.

03.08. - 31.10.2021
“Mindesmærke for de 743 fanger på Livø fra 1911 til 1961”
Jakob Jakobsen (DK)

Memorial for the 743 prisoners at Livø from 1911 to 1961 is a multi-layered artistic engagement by Jakob Jakobsen.

The project takes the scenic Limfjord island of Livø, with its history as a former mental institution and detention center for young men from 1911 – 1961 as an initial point of departure. Through detailed research and intimate artistic engagement with the history of the Livø mental institution - its problems, nuances, and ambiguities - Jakobsen seeks to confront and investigate the social, historical, and aesthetic relations of the lasting impact of the institution. By creating nuanced dialogues of the lives of survivors and victims, the project  produces a “Monument in Paper” to the men interned there, which reflects upon the problematic and complex social and power structures these institutions (and others like it) leave behind.

Through an artistic poster collection highlighting alternative histories, co-enacting a public campaign of interactions during the exhibition period in cities near Limfjorden, and collaborating with a number of Livø actors – historians, survivors, poets, artists, and vulnerable populations – Jakobsen seeks to create critical motion and energy against policies that produce othering or reinforce institutional power in the first place. This highlights the relationships between art, mental health, and social exclusion at a critical time – just as the Danish Prime Minister is scheduled to issue a formal apology on behalf of the Danish Government to the victims of the former Livø mental institution later this autumn.

The project is generously supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen, and UMMK.
Saturday, August 7th:
Livø / Memorial for the 743 prisoners at Livø from 1911 to 1961
(Excursion on Livø, Memorial Meeting, and Publication Launch*) from 10:30 am - 10:00 pm
Meeting Point: Rønbjerg Havn, Livøvej 145, 9681 Ranum

*Please RSVP at f.eks.contact@gmail.com to book a spot for the full event (spaces limited). Food, drinks, ferry transportation, and bus ride to Aalborg is provided free of charge with reservation. Public camping on Livø is available for those who wish to stay overnight, and free ferry service to/from Livø during August. Covid pass is required.

August 3rd – October 31st: 
Public Campaign of interactions and meetings (TBA) taking place at various locations in Northern Jutland and Aalborg with concluding event Er en undskyldning nok? as part of the exhibition Soil. Sickness. Society at Rønnebæksholm
Jakob Jakobsen is an artist and writer who has been pioneering numerous forms of critical, socially-engaged, and radical pedagogical forms of artistic practice for decades. His work particularly blends political organizational work, experimental aesthetic formats, institutional critique, and collaborative ways of working. Dedicated to the production of critical consciousness and poetic language through alternative forms of collective knowledge production, he has established many highly regarded projects over the years – The Copenhagen Free University, The Anti-History Project, Hospital Prison University Archive, and The Hospital for Self-Medication to name just a few. He has exhibited, lectured, or performed in numerous international and national contexts including Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, Documenta 13 (Kassel), Liverpool Biennial 2010, Rønnebæksholm, Kunsthal Aarhus, Tensta Konsthall (Stockholm), among many others. Also, Jakobsen has written several books on Scandinavian Situationism including Cosmonauts of the Future and was recently awarded a literature prize for his book Ophør Oprør – Dagbog fra en indlæggelse a collection of essays about his time at Gentofte Hospital.
Livø Itinerary:
Ferry depart from Rønbjerg Havn to Livø
Brief exploration
– Lunch –
            ----- Later Ferry Departure to Livø -----
Island Tour with Bente Kjærgaard (nature guide on Livø)
2:30 pm  
– Coffee break –
3:00 pm 
Memorial meeting and publication launch with introduction by Jakob Jakobsen and Birgit Kirkebæk
Testimonies and stories relating to Livø during the institution years and with the treatment of the socially excluded in the past or in the present.
Jakob Jakobsen (artist), Rikke Ehlers Nilsson (f.eks.), Scott William Raby (f.eks.), Mille Holtegaard (artist), Birgit Kirkebæk (researcher and historian), Henning Jahn (Andersvænge / Danmarks Forsorgshistoriske Museum), Carsten Egø  (Andersvænge / Danmarks Forsorgshistoriske Museum), Maria Hagstrup (Vesthimmerlands Museum), Poul Duedahl (Aalborg University), Ib Svenningsen (Spøttrup lokal Arkiv), Anna Rieder (poet), Mikael Josephson (author), Bente Kjærgaard (nature guide on Livø), and more.
– Dinner and drinks –
            ----- Last Commercial Ferry to Rønbjerg Havn -----
Private ferry depart from Livø to Rønbjerg Havn
Bus from Rønbjerg Havn to Aalborg Bus station (arrival time 11:30 pm)
            ----- Possibility for overnight camping -----