f.eks.is a roaming exhibition platform for contemporary art that seeks to generate critical and speculative dialogues between audiences, artists, and broader publics.  f.eks. produces temporary art events that are located in and around the urban spaces of Aalborg – activating architecture, infrastructure, ecological sites, and public spaces through a series of live art engagements. These include performances, talks, workshops, readings, pop-ups, social installations, screenings, and many other forms of interactive and ephemeral art making.
    As an independent platform, f.eks focuses on supporting innovative artistic practices that relate to the social, political, aesthetic, and urban contexts of the sites in which the artists and publics interact.  Each site is chosen in dialogue with the artists to activate uncommon, underutilized, and underserved locations through artistic practice to engage broader publics. These include a variety of places and contexts such as municipal, private, residential, industrial, commercial, ecological and public sites and spaces.
    The f.eks. program is situated in these changing urban locations in which emerging, talented, and innovative Danish and international artists will be invited to make artworks on-site in a variety of contexts. The artists invited have different thematic interests within their individual practices, but also as a common point of departure work with collaborative, research-orientated, and event-based projects that seek to create rich dialogues through their art practices, location specificity, and audience interaction.
     These selected strategies allow f.eks. to experiment with alternative modes of artistic organization, production, and exhibition that pursue more sustainable outcomes not only for art and culture, but also in terms of creating a dynamic ecology of networks in a broader framework as well.  This is with the aim of seeking new social, political, economic, and cultural countermodels through and alongside a changing array of new artistic forms and expressions not easily situated inside a white cube or black box.  As such, f.eks. seeks both common and unorthodox partnerships with a variety of institutions, organizations, and entities to develop cooperative projects alongside. In terms of engagement, f.eks. is seeking to contribute to developing a broader artistic and cultural milieu in all the scales it touches – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

f.eks. is an artist-initiated, non-profit organization that is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and the Aalborg Municipality as part of a new two-year program in the waterfront city.

23.06.– 30.06.2019
“Layers of the Self-Organized City”
Maj Horn (DK)
The project Layers of the Self-Organized City by Maj Horn is an ongoing research-based art project that explores new ways of mapping Aalborg’s social spaces and community economies by engaging with the city’s self-organizing culture, where groups and associations often meet in cultural houses. This event series is the first iteration of the project. The dialogues will take place on-site in the everyday social spaces and contexts of three organizations key to Horn’s investigation – 1000Fryd, The Greenlandic House, and Huset. Here the general public can meet Horn in conversation, chat with the users, and experience the spaces more organically - over a cup of coffee, a meal, or a drink. 

Horn is collaborating with cultural houses that reflect a range of different communities in the Aalborg city center. With the different users of these organizations, she is seeking to create new images and knowledge about community building processes and commoning practices between these milieus and the public spheres of the city. Layers of the Self-Organized City include different methods of communication, texts, documentation, and on-site performative interventions that engage with different groups in both public and more intimate exchanges.  The project’s broader aim is to understand and experiment with participatory and performative art practices in relation to particular spaces and places - in this instance, with self-organized communities experiencing a city in transition.

This project is made possible through the collaboration with 1000fryd, Huset, and The Greenlandic House.

Tuesday, 25th June:  
1000Fryd from 5–7 pm.
1000Fryd Café, Kattesundet 10, 9000 Aalborg

Wednesday, 26th June:  
The Greenlandic House from 4–6 pm.
Det Grønlandske Hus, Vesterbro 79, 9000 Aalborg

Thursday, 27th June:  
Huset from 3–5 pm.
Husets Café, Hasserisgade 10, 9000 Aalborg

Maj Horn (b. 1987, Esbjerg) lives and works in Copenhagen. In her work she is particularly involved in urban spaces and various forms of community, as she is engaged in exploring identities of places, knowledge sharing methods, and ownership strategies. She utilizes traditional artistic forms including photography, video, and installations, combined with procedural and performative actions such as workshops, walks, and dialogues. A method and theme that she has been working with since 2012 in the projects Maps for Copenhagen and Lost in Zagreb is to invite people with differing backgrounds and experiences to collectively examine and share knowledge about cities, their social codes, and economic layers. Both projects have involved larger groups of residents in mapping workshops, walks, and dialogues to build knowledge archives around the public space. Maj Horn graduated from The Funen Art Academy in 2014 and has recently exhibited at tranzit.sk in Bratislava, Slovakia, Magic Carpets - A Creative Europe Platform, Zagreb, Croatia, and I: project space in Beijing, China in 2018.  In 2019, she was awarded a Working Grant by the Danish Arts Foundation.


“From Industry to Leisure City”
Luiza Crosman (BR) & Pedro Moraes (BR/IT)

The project From Industry City to Leisure City by Luiza Crosman and Pedro Moraes marks the first exhibition of f.eks.’ two-year program, and consist of three different public events. Their project is a research-based reflection on the waterfront city of Aalborg that takes the changing constellation of forces driving urbanization processes as a starting point for understanding the contemporary city through an artistic lens.

The artists will seek to explore utopian possibilities (along with a broader public) while asking the questions – is it possible to envision a future where technology helps people construct the cities they want to live in instead of bringing dystopian scenarios? How can the city be open to the commons and inspire creative co-production? Can contemporary art become a political entity that leverages collective forces into strategy and organization? In order to enact changes, the artists suggest partaking in a dynamic exercise of imagination that takes into account gentrification and finalization of urban spaces toward rethinking the city through artistic engagement. These interactions will be documented and compiled into a hybrid publication prototype that the artists will present at the project’s conclusion.

The project is kindly supported by Nordkraft Event and Himmerland Boligforening.

Thursday, 2nd May:
Project Introduction – Artist Talk / Discussion from 47 pm.
Nordkraft (Kedelhallen), Kjellerups Torv 1, 9000 Aalborg

Saturday, 4th May:
Workshop – Walk through Industrial Site from 1–4 pm.
Cloud City Spritten (BoxTown), C. A. Olesens Gade 1, 9000 Aalborg

Saturday, 11th May:
Publication Launch from 1–4 pm.
Skylounge (Larsen Waterfront), Rendsburggade 22, 9000 Aalborg

Luiza Crosman (b.1987, Rio de Janeiro) and Pedro Moraes (b.1985, Rio de Janeiro) currently live and work in São Paulo, Brazil. Their artistic practices seek to use art, design, technology, and organizational strategies to react to the changing relationships between economic systems, cities, visual culture, and broader society. Luiza Crosman is currently partaking in the Sommerakademie Paul Klee in Bern, she finished her Post-Master in Advanced Performance and Scenography in Brussels in 2017, and graduated from UERJ, Rio de Janeiro in 2014. She has exhibited and developed projects at 33rd São Paulo Biennial, ISELP, Brussels, and the KW Institute in Berlin. Pedro Moraes took part in The New Normal program with the Strelka Institute in 2018, finished the Gent-based residency program at the HISK in 2016, and received an MFA from Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam in 2014. He has also exhibited at Kunsthalle Wien, CAC in Vilnius, Homesession in Barcelona, Objectif in Antwerp, among many others.


Rikke Ehlers Nilsson
Scott William Raby

Strandgade 6, 3 tv,
9400 Nørresundby



Rikke Ehlers Nilsson 

Artist and organizer who currently lives and works in Aalborg, Denmark. She has previously organized exhibition projects as part of the association COPING in collaboration with the independent platform I:project space in Beijing, China, and is a member the artist-run exhibition space c4 projects in Copenhagen. She graduated from the Master of Fine Arts program at Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam in 2014 and The Funen Art Academy in Odense, Denmark in 2011. She is a member of the unions Danish Visual Artists (BKF), Organization for Artists, Curators & Art Mediators (UKK), and Akademiraadet.

Co-organizer and Founder
Scott William Raby

Artist, researcher, organizer, and writer, who currently lives and works in Aalborg, Denmark and is pursuing a Practice Based PhD in the art department at Goldsmiths in London. He graduated from the Master of Fine Art program at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles in 2012. He is a member of the unions Danish Visual Artists (BKF) and Akademiraadet, and is a supplemental board member for the Organization for Artists, Curators & Art Mediators (UKK).