14.12.2023 - 
“S for Sound, S for Solidarity”
Yazan Khalili (PS/NL)

S for Sound, S for Solidarity is a radio communications project initiated by Yazan Khalili and f.eks.

With this collaboration, Yazan Khalili and f.eks. have co-developed a nomadic radio project in Aalborg to rethink the autonomy of art and culture from the point of view of infrastructure. The project will utilize radio programming to highlight artistic, socio-political, and cultural conversations in relation to localized power dynamics and broader geo-political contexts. By drawing attention to underserved cultural and political voices attempting to common locally, the project gives voice to resistance and facilitates critical discourse across milieus. Along with practitioners across publics in Aalborg, f.eks. will carry this out through producing pop-up broadcasts, sounds, and other radio programming over the course of 2024. 

S for Sound, S for Solidarity asks, “how can we build autonomous infrastructures for art” and “what are the mediums and tools for these infrastructures? After reflecting on the need for improved communication for critical artistic, political, and social practices, Khalili and f.eks. are launching this collaborative artistic project toward addressing these needs. The project draws on f.eks.’s local organizational platform, combined with Khalili’s broad communal and artistic practice and knowledge, particularly across other radio platforms such as Radio Alhara. In doing so, the project seeks to rethink and reframe artistic practice in the hopes of producing new socio-cultural solidarities, awarenesses, and connections, while creating infrastructure for cultural and political activism and organization across scales and contexts.

February, 2024: 
Radio episode no. 1 between Yazan Khalili and Scott William Raby

Click here for full episode (soundcloud) 
Yazan Khalili is an artist, architect, and a cultural producer. Currently he is a PhD candidate at ASCA, The University of Amsterdam (UvA) as part of the Imaginart group. His practice frames landscapes, institutions, and social and technological phenomena as politicized entities. He is the co-founder of Radio Alhara in 2020, and The Question of Funding collectives in 2019. His work has been exhibited widely across different venues, such as Documenta Fifteen, Kassel (DE) 2022, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (DE) 2020, MOCA Toronto (CA) 2020, Kunstforeningen GL STRAND, Copenhagen (DK) 2019, and MoMA, New York (US), 2018.