26.06.2020 - 19.09.2020
“Alternative Limfjord Ecologies”
The Nomadic Platform for Eco-Economic Futures (DK/US)

Alternative Limfjord Ecologies is a public art project created by the Nomadic Platform for Eco-Economic Futures. The project consists of a series of site and context specific performances, temporary installations, and dialogues in different outdoor public spaces on the Aalborg harbor front. By activating seaside camping shelters, city overlooks, and unused boat docks, the project will reframe the natural and urban spaces of Aalborg’s Limfjord to rethink socio-economic exchanges in relation to local ecology. Through reinterpreting back to nature motifs as seen on television, youtube, and the D.I.Y. ethos of bushcraft, vanlife, and minimal living, a critical artistic lens will be deployed to unpack these relationships as a point of departure. In doing so, broader questions about the changing relationship to ecosystems in the 21st century will be examined.

While referring to local history and culture, different scales in which nature is understood from a micro-political level of self-experience to theoretical questions related to Capitalocene dialogues will be explored. How do we interpret the spectrum of value and accessibility to an ecosystem? This can range from a deep connection, to a recreational space, or a spiritual relationship to abstraction, survival, or a site of destitution. What does this tell us about how we interact with ecological space in the context of national and global scales of planetary consumption? Alternative Limfjord Ecologies seeks to connect ecology, value, labor, and expanded artistic practice through collective and critical thinking to generate new interactions in relation to eco-economic connections.

This project is generously supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and KulturKANten, and made in collaboration with Stigsborg P/S, Trekanten, Miladan, Hal9k, Nordjyllands Windsurfingklub, Lille Nyhavn NørresundbySpejdersport AalborgGreenway Denmark, and outdoor guide Ib Hansen.

Friday, 26th June:  
Back to Nature
Performance and Community Meal (with music by Oskar Krusell Sørensen) from 5 - 8 pm
Bejlerholm 1 (Shelter E 585 - Lindholm Fjordpark), 9400 Nørresundby

Saturday, 1st August:
Reproducing an Economy of Leisure
Performative Lecture & Workshop with bushcraft chair making from 2 - 5 pm
Skansevej (Skanseparken by the fire pits east of the Herbaceous Garden), 9400 Nørresundby

Saturday, 19th September:
Pavilion no. II
Brolandingerne, Havnegade 5, 9400 Nørresundby

*Due to Covid-19 the events will host a maximum of 50 participants we encourage you to utilize social distancing - all activities are held outdoors, therefore please make sure to dress accordingly
The Nomadic Platform for Eco-Economic Futures is a context specific engagement of multiple forms, formats, and iterations. Its aim is to experiment with new socio-political, imaginative, and utopian strategies in relationship to pressing interconnected ecological and economic crises. It seeks to create dialogue, action, and organization through pedagogical and discursive interactions while prototyping new engagements through collective exchange.  It is initiated by Danish-American artist, organizer, and researcher Scott William Raby. His artistic practice engages the socio-economic and geopolitical forces that shape the dynamics between art and broader spatial, cultural, and institutional frameworks. Urbanization processes, environmental commons, judicial and financial infrastructures, micro-politics, and mass-communication systems are common sites and subjects of inquiry. His aim is to reframe and reconfigure relationships between labor, value, spatial politics, legality, and power dynamics through expanded notions of artistic practice. He has recently performed, exhibited, or presented at several art and academic institutions including Performance Protocols and Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg (DK) c4 projects, Copenhagen (DK), ARGOS, Brussels (BE), I:projects Space, Beijing (CN), M_HKA, Antwerp (BE), and Goldsmiths, London, (UK), among others.